Harrisons of London was founded by Milroy Harrison. As a young man, Milroy attended Nottingham School of Art. His attendance was cut short because of the effects of the war. In 1945 he began a 7 year apprenticeship with a local Guild as a picture repairer, as they were called back then. With the Guild, Milroy learned hands on raining as well as time tested old recipes and mixtures for cleaning and repairing of paintings and frames. He remained at the Guild another 15 years until the passing of his mentor Bill Mullins. He opened his own business which also included antique furniture restoration. After many enjoyable visits on holiday to San Diego, Milroy and family moved here permanently in 1983, and soon after opened his business.

In 2001 Mr. Harrison took on an apprentice, Terry, to learn the trade hands on as he himself did years ago. It was her skill and expertise as a custom picture framer and knowledge of archival framing and preservation methods that persuaded Milroy to teach her for the next several years. Milroy retired in 2008 and Terry purchased the business.

Terry’s love for art and in particular oil painting in high school continued with art classes and study at Southwestern College. Her resume includes jobs working with glass arts, ceramics, pottery, jewelry fabrication, caricature artist, and custom framer. In addition to extensive training with Milroy, Terry obtained supplemental hands on art restoration training with Fine Art Conservator Adele Pruitt at her studio in northern California.

Combining the wisdom and techniques of yesteryear with today’s advanced quality of products we strive to insure that your precious artwork will live well into future generations.

Restoration is our Specialty and our Mission.

Paintings, paper art, antique frames and antique photographs are our specialty. You’ve spent time and money collecting your art work, or perhaps you’ve inherited family treasures. Maybe it’s been sitting in the attic, or closet where you thought it would be safe, only to realize that improper matting, framing, or other environmental factors have hurt or ruined your precious art. If you have a piece has been damaged, we can help. We have helped many clients in the restoration of their prized personal photographs, documents, and art work. We assess unique damage situations and determine a safe and effective solution.